Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Student's Sestina

At first I was a very horrible student.
When class began I never was prepared.
I ignored each academic question.
My teacher said, "It's time to make a change.
If you are going to make a little progress
If you are going to make a better grade."

I didn't really care about the grade.
I'm happy being a solid D+ student.
My parents sometimes asked me about my progress.
My parents sometimes nagged me to be prepared.
My study habits did not need to change.
I did not need to answer the teacher's question.

Other students could answer the teacher's question.
Other students could work hard to make the grade.
My attitude I did not need to change.
In skateboarding I am an excellent student.
At the park I always came prepared.
My skating tricks were making awesome progress.

I took my board to work some more on progress.
I headed to a new park without question.
Put on my helmet got my board prepared.
The newest ramp was tall with a steep grade.
A big challenge for any skateboard student.
I slipped and fell and lost my pocket change.

Because of that my parents made a change.
They locked up my board preventing me from progress.
They sat me down and said, "Become a student."
Their eyes said there's no longer any question.
If I like skating I must raise my grade,
And so that night I began to get prepared.

The next day I had my homework prepared.
My teacher's brow raised at dramatic change.
"I see you want to try to raise your grade.
You must do this each day to see some progress."
I raised my hand for every teachers' question.
I tried to be a ready responsible student.

The teacher said, "I'm glad you made the change."
My parents said, "I'm glad you raised your grade."
And I am glad I get to ride my skateboard.

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