Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Extreme Daydreaming

She sat so still and looked up at the sky.
A vampire bat appeared beneath the cloud.
The clouds were dark and heavy filled with rain.
Mosquitos vanished in the frozen air.
The sky above had lost all trace of blue.
Waiting for spring and promise of the sun.
In bitter cold she truly missed the sun.
Yet she sat and looked up at the sky.
The rain fell hard on her umbrella blue.
Precipitation emptied from the cloud.
Her clothes were soaked with the wettest air.
Yet she didn't seem to feel the rain.
The umbrella did not work against this rain.
It was better suited for beach and sun.
A gust of wind tossed it through the air.
The umbrella sailed away into the sky.
And lanched itself into an angry cloud.
Did the girl miss her umbrella blue?
She did not miss her lost umbrella blue.
She continued to sit out in the rain.
A dreamland had kept her in a cloud.
For all she knew she stil sat in the sun
A lazy cloud just drifting 'cross the sky
A flock of birds rising to the air
And still the girl stared intently in the air
The clouds revealed a sky of navy blue
A owl's hoot called across the night's sky.
Some mice scurried to avoid the dwindling rain.
They found a hiding place to wait the sun.
The moon began to shine behind the cloud.

And then the sun began to show beneath the cloud
The dew-gripped grass was damp with morning air.
A warmth returned with the rising sun.
The morning sky had turned a lighter blue.
The day began without a drop of rain.
And still she sat and looked up at the sky.

She lived inside a castle on a cloud.
She breathed a quite imaginary air.
She did not have the sense to leave the rain.

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